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The one common thing about almost every superhero (with the exception of Pilot and the rest of the late Team Eagle) is that they have all volunteered or were in some other way induced to an experimental procedure that granted them their superpowers.

But you are different.

You don't know how you got your powers, but you do know that your life grew stranger after the Willis Tower Incident on October 12, 2021. You were there when a strange villain calling herself Lunotar took the Skydeck and held its two dozen or so visitors hostage. While you were not one of the hostages (althought some of those among those trapped with you had family and loved ones being held hostage), you were trapped on the 98th floor as the police, then AEGIS agents, locked down the building. You waited long minutes, which stretched into an hour, before you finally heard the unmistakable sounds of battle taking place. Then, suddenly, the ceiling crashed in and a figure of a woman, you can only assume was the villain, was thrown into a heavy display, impaled by a large glass structure that was server as a model for the Willis Tower. You and a few others of your trapped cohorts watched as she died, glistening blood flowing from her wounds. You were ushered out of there quickly by AEGIS operatives and in the hours that followed you were debriefed and debriefed again by government agents, UNCOS observers, and AEGIS operatives.

Only after you were released did you learn that all but a handful of the hostages were freed and that Agent Exemplar had defeated Lunotar, his last blow throwing her through several stories of the building and into the glass model where she was impaled. She could not be saved and no organization claimed credit for the attack. Also, strangely, they surmised that Lunotar had to be an Ace, as there were no other Quasars within range of her at the time of her attack -- but she definitively displayed powers, such as the ability to throw silver blasts of light, fly, and even super strength.

You went home and as the weeks went on, you began to put the experience behind you. However, you began to notice that something didn't feel quite right. You suffered a mysterious bout of flu, a flu that the doctors could not seem to identify -- an illness that rendered you feverish and unable to get out of bed for several days. And then there were the small flashes of what you would learn were your growing powers ... small at first, but growing.

After a specific incident that involved a major expression of your powers, you were approached by a Dr. Anson of the Daedalus Foundation. He explained that you were a spontaneously expressing Ace, a phenomenon never encountered before. He theorized how the strange illness seemed to be a common factor, perhaps a quantum attunement affecting your nervous system, or an expression of energy potential triggered by Lunotar's death. Dr. Anson offered to teach you how to live with your powers, to use them for the greater good, and he offered you a position on Team Daedalus, if you agreed with move to Chicago and to work with him in studying your powers. You agreed, naturally, finding that you could really not live a normal life hiding your powers. What else was there for you to do? Either become a criminal on the run or submit to mandatory restriction (incarceration) and perhaps even be sent into space, to the Tower.

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