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Greetings Fellow Enthusiast!

The page is borne from a fun-time school project, but actually represents a lifelong interest. For those of you who grew up in the early years of video games, between Johnny Sokko and his Giant Robot and the birth of personal computers and the Internet, you know who we are. You probably were just as excited as I was when the IC (Integrated Circuit) had just come into commercialized use in consumer electronics and we could actually begin buying them. Regular trips to Radio Shack to buy components, breadboards, tools and Forrest R. Mims' handy notebooks were the highlight of my week. Electronics was a passion that sparked my imagination, gave life to my sci fi fantasies, and eventually brought the world we now live into reality. My childhood fascination with electronics was always something I somehow managed to fit in between schoolwork, chores, mowing lawns for money and the Sci-Fi Saturday Noon feature.

Now that I'm older and I watch my boys pursue their hobbies and interests, my childhood hobby comes back to me. While it's true, many times pre-built components, smart phones and PC software can do everything we could have imagined and more, the excitement of building analog and digital circuits and working with the components that make up our everyday electronic world are still both relaxing and energizing. Given the number of sites I have seen out there, I am not the only enthusiast. There are multiple generations who continue or are just beginning to enjoy the electronics hobby. No matter what your age or how you got into electronics, it's pretty safe to bet that if you read this far, you have an interest in building and creating electronics.

So enjoy this site and feel free to share. This place is for us electronic geeks.