Player Summary: The Daedalus Foundation

The World of Quasars

The Daedalus Foundation

About the Foundation and Its Role in the Game

All players will work for the Daedalus Foundation as part of the campaign. The Daedalus Foundation itself, while it dates back to the early 70's in its work and was established in the 80's, is actually new to the superhero business. Given a special dispensation from UNCOS and working with direct AEGIS oversight in the form of AEGIS Sub-Commander Deidre Okoro, the Foundation has recently fielded a group of heroes who are relatively unknown and look to be new to the field of superheroism. For the last five years, the foundation has worked with Q-tech equipped teams under AEGIS direction with success. While the media has not fully recognized Daedalus' contributions, the Chicago area does recognize them for their overall good stature and support, especially after a recent incident in Chicago.

Below is the Daedalus Foundation web page where hero profiles and mission results, as well as other foundation-background imagery and text, will live. As a hint, to return to this page from any of those pages, click on "Report an Incident" (available only on some browsers, does not appear for phone browsers).

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