Champions: : Daedalus Wept

The World of Quasars

Champions Campaign

Campaign Overview

This is a Hero System Champions campaign designed around a world similar to The Boys and Aberrant, where the allure and fantasy of superheroes have taken a recent variation on Earth. The variation is less gritty and violent as The Boys, and less pervasive as the world found in Aberrant. Elements of other superhero genres, such as Marvel and DC can be seen in places. The world being portrayed is one where Earth is coming to terms with a new technology and while in its adolescent, has had to learn some hard lessons quickly about how technologies can be misused.

The game focuses on Quasars, which is a term given to individuals who can channel quantum energies into fantastic powers and abilities. Quasars, as a whole, have one limitation not seen in other superhero games, in that the superheroes only maintain their powers when they operate in proximity of one another (the exact range being dependent on the power of the team members). Outside of this range, Quasars lose their powers almost immediately and become little more than humans with potential. While some Aces exist, who can maintain their powers without any other superhero team members nearby, these individuals are the exception and not the rule.

The world is coming to grips with Quasars and their super-powered abilities, and while the number of Quasars is still within the hundreds, their impact, both socially and physically, is undeniable and will not fade as time goes on.

The World and Its Background

The Daedalus Foundation

PC's Origins


Characters are built using the Champions 5th Edition 5ER rules system, with the following guidelines:


Again, the characters are built using the Champions (Hero System 5E), with the following guides:

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