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About the Author

My name is Bob Bellamy. I live in the Midwest and I work in the IT field. I am pursuing my Doctorate in Computer Science as well as doing some part time teaching in programming. I am a husband of a wife who is a nursing professor in a local college and father of three boys. I have worked in the financial industries for nearly twenty years, with a short stint in the telecommunications field.

I enjoy table-top role-playing games, some board gaming, computer games such as Fallout and Skyrim. I'm an avid science fiction fan -- movies or books. My love of technology has grown from my lifelong interest in science fiction. I always asked myself question such as, "How do those blasters in Star Wars work?", "How does the hyperdrive on the Millenium Falcon work?", "How do I create one of those personal shields found in Dune?" As we move closer and closer to the science fiction of my childhood becoming reality, my interest becomes even more fervent.

My newest project is to make the Raspberry Pyp-boy. There are lots of good plans all over the web that includes the Python code and the wiring information, but I'm customizing by including a real-time GPS and an interacting Geiger Counter feed. Here's what I have so far on it.

I had a request to show the code used in this, so here are the links to the project hardware plan and the source code on github. The plans here do not have my customization on it, as I've generally made it more of a mess than improvement so far. Someday, after the dissertation, I'll probably turn back to finishing this...

The Work Crew

Maker Cat is my partner in maker projects. He makes an effort to personally inspect all of my work and when it doesn't meet his standards, he knocks it off the table. Alternatively, he lays on whatever tool or paper is required at any given moment.

QC Rosie is my quality control expert. She watches everything and assures me that I can always do better, especially when it comes to her food dish, wet food plate, or treats.

Nozzi is my middle manager. He runs in, wants to know what I'm doing, then as soon as I start explaining it he runs off to see what someone else is doing. He also sleeps while I'm working and he is very diligent about paying attention to the time I spent eating lunch or snacks. He is also in charge of all ball and stuffed animal retrieval activities.

Sunni is the Director of Sales and Barketing. He makes a variety of strange sounds as needed for the occasion. He also is an excellent director, complaining that he's not been picked up and than snarling at growling when he is picked up.

Oreo is the top dog in charge of development. He really doesn't ask me questions, come to my workspace, or even pay attention to what I'm doing. But when I goof up (like when my SDR testing had the garage door opening and closing repeatedly), he becomes quite vocal and tells me to knock it off. While he passed away this last spring, he will always be our top dog of development, and can never be replaced.

DeeDee has been brought on as Junior Manager in Hooman Resources. As the designated rep, she makes it a point to annoy the middle manager with endless face chewing and keeps a close (literally, laying on us) eye on the hoomans to make sure any new directives meet with her approval. She spends her time sleeping at my feet, waiting for Hooman Direction.

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